Corwen in sight of the railhead!

Thanks to a magnificent response by contributors to the Corwen Sleeper Appeal, new supplies of concrete sleepers were sourced and delivered to site during March. With the Road/Rail machine back in action, the volunteer work force made good progress when track laying resumed and, as of the end of March, the rail head had exited the cutting west of Bridge 28A and was into the curve heading for underpass Bridge 29. From here the town centre of Corwen is plainly in sight and track laying is again visible for users of the A5 road. With continued effort in the next two weeks, it is expected that the railhead will reach the station site and the buffer stop can be in place by early in April when a little celebration may be in order.

Dwyrain Corwen East station

The next challenge for the Railway’s project will be the building and installation of the 100metre platform and associated access ramp leading off the embankment. Investigations are continuing as to how this might best be achieved to allow for a summer time opening.

Work on the riverside drain outlet has been concluded by the contractors for the Corwen Flood Alleviation Scheme and their need to access the railway embankment is ended. With the project now nearing completion the contractors are looking to vacate their works compound and restore the area on the approach to Corwen which will improve access to the terminal site.

Opening Prospects

Whilst the finish of track laying is a great achievement, it is not the end of the project by any means. The track still needs top ballasting with packing and aligning from the aid of a hired in tamper machine. There are various other aspects to be finished off and the length tidied up before it can be passed for passenger trains. However it is looking hopeful that train services to and from Corwen will commence in the summer of 2014, provided finance continues to come to hand to provide the necessary resources to complete the job.

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