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Operations Report – February 2022











Operations Report – February 2022

So where does one start?

We have risen like the phoenix from the abyss and are back on the map, so to speak. We are back doing what we like, running trains and enjoying our hobby.

So much has been accomplished in a relative short space of time and there are so many people to thank, both individuals and groups. A lot of hard work has been done in so many areas and departments to get us where we currently are and I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible.

Our volunteers have come back, albeit in decreased numbers, and our customers have returned despite the Covid pandemic and its ever-changing rules, regulations, guidance and legislation. The decrease in volunteer numbers seems to be a common scenario throughout the Heritage Sector, with many organisations reporting a 40% reduction in their volunteer base. Hopefully more will drift back as the pandemic wanes and life continues to get back to normal. The board will be looking into our volunteer offering and are seriously looking into how we can attract new volunteers to come and join us.

The full Operations Report from Mike Williams, Operations Director can be found here.

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