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Thanks to Heritage Railcars

Our Heritage Railcars have been invaluable this year from their first outing on the 9th July to their final run on the 7th November.   Here are some facts and figures from the team.
They have traveled 3536 miles:
1417 for the class 108
1258 for the ‘hybrid’ class 104/108
861 for the Wickham
Completed a little over 23,000 passenger (single) journeys:
9000 to Berwyn
3500 to Glyndyfrdwy
10500 to Carrog
One service was delayed by a faulty water level switch – repaired the same Sunday evening.
Two vehicles were vandalised by ‘artists’ – cleaned up and back in traffic in a few days.
One set of batteries threatened a failure, but relented after a few minutes on charge.
One fractured crankshaft; replacement found, machined, engine dropped, stripped and almost rebuilt. Hopefully it will work when they’ve finished.
It’s been a very busy few months for the Railcar Department and, over the winter months, they aim to tackle maintenance and repairs ready for next season which is going to be another busy year for them.
Thanks to all those who have worked extremely hard to ensure this season has been a success.
Heritage Railcar a group of people sitting in front of a window Heritage Railcar stationary at the platform Heritage Railcar at Carrog Station
vandalism on a heritage railcar Passengers on a heritage railcar a green train that is sitting on a track
Photos – Graham Parkin, George Jones, Mike Martin and Brian Nicholls.