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Corwen News January 2022

300 tons of Doerite Ballast at Carrog Yard On Christmas Eve 2021 the Santa Season came to a successful end, having worked over a period of 9 days, carrying approx 600 passengers per day. Our only serviceable steam locomotive, ex GWR Class 2884, “3802” performed successfully and was a credit to the hard work put…

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January 24, 2022

Happy New Year for 2022

As 2021 draws to a close we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Llangollen Railway this year. Things were looking pretty bleak earlier in the year but, with your continued support and the hard work of our amazing team of staff and volunteers, the railway continues into 2022….

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December 31, 2021

Santa Returns

Santa made his return to Llangollen Railway this weekend for the first of the Santa Specials, the carriages and stations have all been decorated beautifully and 3802 looks fantastically festive.  There were many happy faces from children and adults alike and the volunteers looked superb in their outfits. Our wonderful staff and amazing volunteers have…

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December 5, 2021

Work continues behind the scenes

Although Llangollen Railway is currently closed and not running any services, until the Santa Specials in December, staff and volunteers have been working extremely hard behind the scenes at both ends of the railway. Thanks to Gerald Gunther and Steve Jones from our Suburban Restoration Group we now have our 5th Lantern installed on Platform…

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November 24, 2021

Thanks to Heritage Railcars

Our Heritage Railcars have been invaluable this year from their first outing on the 9th July to their final run on the 7th November.   Here are some facts and figures from the team. They have traveled 3536 miles: 1417 for the class 108 1258 for the ‘hybrid’ class 104/108 861 for the Wickham Completed a…

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November 19, 2021

The Remembrance

The Remembrance Trains over the weekend at Llangollen Railway were steam-hauled, to the delight of visitors. On Remembrance Sunday the engine was suitably decorated with a poppy wreath and commemorative headboard. 3802 returns to Llangollen Railway

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November 16, 2021