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Berwyn Station

Also known as “The Station in the Gorge”. Situated between the A5 road and the River Dee. When the station is manned light refreshments are on sale, and you can view the restored waiting room and booking office.

The river can be crossed via the historic and restored Chain Bridge, which leads to the Chain Bridge Hotel where a wide range of food and drink is available.

The canal lies behind the hotel. Turn right if you wish to walk back to Llangollen (approx 45 minutes’ stroll) or left for an easy walk to the Horseshoe Falls. Not a raging cataract but it’s picturesque and where the River Dee feeds water to the source of the canal. A little further on is Llantysilio church. Dating from the 15th century, the church contains a plaque commemorating English poet Robert Browning (1812-1889). The more adventurous walkers can carry on and traverse Velvet Hill. You will enjoy superb views down the valley to Llangollen. Down the far side of the hill you could take sustenance at the Britannia Inn.

Apart from the establishments mentioned, there are no places to spend money at Berwyn!

Breakdown or Immobilisation

Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd will not accept responsibility for last minute cancellations, delays or other related circumstances due to vehicle breakdown or immobilisation. In the event of such an occurrence, no compensation, consequential losses or other such claim shall be accepted. If this occurrence happens after departure Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd shall be responsible for returning you to your confirmed drop-off point within a reasonable time.