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Photo – Dave Jones

Llangollen Railway Trust Projects

Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd is a registered charity (1046614) and relies heavily on income from visitors and events.  As a tourist attraction, we are crucial to the Llangollen area, attracting many thousands of visitors who contribute significant income annually to the local economy.  The railway is also a highly significant heritage asset.

Beyond preserved railways, there is nothing comparable to Llangollen Station in terms of comprehensive survival. The limited number of such preserved sites in the UK means that Llangollen is rare and has a historic value of national significance.  Our footbridge is of a unique design, it was originally installed by GWR as a variation on their standard structure in 1898 and particularly cantilevered over the River Dee.

We have many projects ranging from infrastructure and restoration, we have historic buildings to maintain and carriages to restore.

An indication of a few of Llangollen Railway’s typical expenses include:

  • £800 to repair a broken loco spring
  • £1,000 for a new wire rope for the 12T crane
  • £75 for 5 litres of coach enamel
  • £48 for 1 metre of Moquette which is used for upholstery
  • £29,500 to re-tyre one set of bogies
  • £7000 for a new live steam injector
  • £70 for hardwood sleepers – 24 are needed for a complete track panel

Please choose which project you would like to support, you will be directed to a fundraising page where you can find more information relating to that project.

For taxpayers, we can apply for 25% Gift Aid, at no extra cost to you, which makes this a very efficient way of giving.

Your generous donation will help us continue to tell the Llangollen Railway story.

General Infrastructure and Upkeep

Every year we spend thousands of pounds to ensure our buildings and infrastructure are maintained and repaired.  With 10 miles of track and many historic buildings to look after any donation will be gratefully received.  If you would like to help this project please click here for more information.

Carriage & Wagon Restoration

Our volunteers in the Carriage & Wagon Department focus on the repair and refurbishment of our historic carriages.  Each carriage requires regular inspection to ensure it is fit to carry passengers.  Restoration projects include the repair or replacement of woodwork, upholstery and fittings.  To donate towards this please click here for more information.

Locomotive Restoration

Our volunteers work hard to maintain and restore our resident locos Austin 1 and Pannier 7754.  If you would like to help maintain and repair our historic locomotives, please click here for more information.

Plant and Equipment

Throughout the railway, we use a lot of heavy equipment, cranes, road railers etc.  Each of these needs continued maintenance to ensure they are fit for use.  If you would like to support this cause please click here for more information.

Alternatively, supporters are invited to send cheques payable to Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd to:

The Station, Abbey Road, Llangollen LL20 8SN

When sending a cheque please note which cause you wish to support. 

***Cheques without this information will be deposited in the General Infrastructure and Upkeep Fund.***

If you are a UK taxpayer and send in a cheque we can also claim 25% Gift Aid against this amount.  Please download and complete a Gift Aid form here and send it in with your cheque.

We thank you for supporting Llangollen Railway Trust.