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Diesel Locomotives



Class 26 Diesel locomotive 5310 passing through Berwyn Station

1,150hp Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon (BRCW) Sulzer Type 2 5310 (Class 26, 26010), built in 1958 at Smethwick. Owned by Llangollen Diesel Group and resident in Wales since 2009. Currently in plain BR green livery with full yellow ends. Full traction motor overhaul completed in 2020 at Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway. Air system repairs completed in 2021. 

Class 31 Diesel locomotive Class 31

1,470hp Class 31 No 31271 (Type 2), built in 1961 by Brush Traction at Loughborough. Kindly provided by A1A Locomotives Ltd on a long-term loan. Painted in 1980’s/90’s Railfreight Construction Sector livery and carrying the name “Stratford 1840-2001” after Stratford Traction Maintenance depot in London. 

Class 47 Diesel locomotive Class 47

2,580hp Brush Type 4 1566 (Class 47/4 47449), built in 1964 at Crewe Locomotive Works. Owned by Llangollen Diesel Group. Running in 1970’s era BR blue livery with operational 4-digit headcode blinds. Resident at Llangollen since 1996 Extensive repairs to engine and cooling system recently completed. The locomotive was based at Crewe Diesel Depot for nearly 17 years and was a regular performer on the North Wales Coast route between Chester and Holyhead.


Class 08 Photo to follow

English Electric 350hp 0-6-0 shunter D3265/13625 (Class 08, 08195), built in 1956 at Derby Locomotive Works. Owned by LR Trust.
British Railway 200hp 0-6-0 D2162 (Class 03, 03162), built in 1960 at Swindon Locomotive Works. Owned by Wirral Borough Council on long-term loan to Llangollen Railway since 1989. Stored awaiting mechanical and cosmetic overhaul.



“Pilkington” Photo to follow

Yorkshire Engine Co 0-4-0 2782 “Pilkington”, built in Sheffield 1960.

You can visit the website of the Llangollen Diesel Group at or contact them by email at [email protected]